pocket-watch-1430001538vofI’ll be the first to tell you…patience is NOT my thing. It’s difficult for me. So. Very. Difficult. It always has been. As I age, I tell myself that I must sometimes just accept that some things simply take time to happen, to unfold…that some things I cannot rush or force into materializing right away and that’s just how it is! I’m stubborn and bull-headed, though. I’m known for stepping up and getting shit done! Take charge type. Yep, that’s me. So when things that I WANT to happen so badly takes to manifesting at the speed of snail…well, you can imagine the disgruntlement, I’m sure.

I try to make the trials of waiting and patience a learning experience, as everything and everyone says that we all should. It builds character, they say. It makes us more well rounded individuals, they say. It makes us humble and thankful, etc. Yep, I can agree with all of that. I’ve actually came a long, long way with patience. In my younger years, patience was non-existent in my world. Nothing more in this world frustrated me like waiting. It infuriated me in a sense. I felt bound, hindered, blocked. The feeling to resist acting brashly was, at times, overwhelming. Ok, honestly, yeah I still do feel this way, just not as fiercely as I once experienced, thank the Powers That Be! After all, doing so will help us become who we will be in the future, right?! Doing so will help us appreciate what we finally do get and achieve, if we do indeed get it, of course, right?! Learning patience is good for us…yes, yes, yes, I know. Oh boy, do I know.

Still sucks though….


Waiting Impatiently,




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Hitting Reset In Life

Hello Everyone….

Just wanted to stop in and give a brief update about life right now. I’ve recently moved (well, mostly moved, that is) and life has literally been utter chaos! The move, while welcomed, was sudden and quite unexpected, sorta. We’ve been looking to move for awhile now but after searching for years, we just thought things would always be slow going…boy, was I wrong. Yes, the search took years but once we found our now current home-in-progress things went ultra-fast. Whirlwind. Head spinning. I don’t think I’ve caught my breath yet and we’re not even a month into this transition!

Changes are hard for me. While I welcome change if it’s for the better, and it is, I still can’t help struggling with it. I’m a Capricorn, so yeah, stability and constancy is my thing. This move has been literally like hitting the reset button on our life in almost every single way possible. I’m constantly reminding myself to remain calm, that we’ll get things in order eventually, right?! Anxiety and Frustration are my two current unwelcome besties…capricious know-it-alls, they are! I’m working on it! 🙂

Any who, I hope you all are well. I hope to be back reading blogs, blogging myself and doing card readings again very soon.

Like sands through the hour glass, and so are the days of our lives….

Much Love,


Early Week Tarot Outlook-January 22, 2017

Deck Used: ‘Crystal Visions Tarot’ by Jennifer Galasso Published by: U.S. Games Systems, Inc.


Ten of Wands

We may be feeling as though we are always fighting an uphill battle right now, my lovelies. Things seem as though we’re constantly having to do things the hard way, meeting obstacles and challenges at every turn. We may even perhaps be experiencing overload with many burdens and struggles.

Are we taking on too much at work? Home? Both, perhaps? As we take a look at the image here of the Ten of Wands, we can clearly see that we’ve seemingly prepared for EVERYTHING! We have prepped, prepared and packed to the gills, overburdening our strong yet loaded-down horse and the poor dear just can’t go on! The journey is reaching a standstill, little progress is happening and unless we lighten our load, it will soon come to a complete stop! While it is good to be prepared for seemingly anything and to always be at the ready for what we may encounter ahead, it is important to also keep in mind that in doing so, this can sometimes lead to overburden and burnout! The Ten of Wands is here to say, “It’s time for a break!”

If this is you and you’re feeling at the end of your rope with little to nothing left to give, step back, step out, step down if need be. Ask for help! This is a little reminder to not take on too much…allow others to carry their part of the bargain/burden…it’s time for them to step up and share the load!

Mid-Week Tarot Card Reading, January 11,2017

Deck Used Today: ‘Aquarian Tarot’ by David Palladini

Two of Cups

Our message today is all about love, affinity, friendship, having a spiritual union of some sort, and harmony! What a terrific mid-week energy!

We may be or about to be experiencing a mutual “coming together”. Whether it’s romantic or platonic, things are looking to be happy and harmonious right now. If you’ve been holding off plans with others of any kind, today is the day to make it happen! Things look to go smoothly and without incident. Has someone asked you out? Go ahead! Have you been waiting to gain a promotion at work? Looks good, looks real, real good! Have things with someone in your life been tense lately? Well, today is a day of mutual truce. Make the most of this kind, gentle, promising and harmonious energy today…go for it!

End of the Week Oracle Card Reading-January 6, 2017

Deck Used Today: ‘The Messenger Oracle’ by Ravynne Phelan~This deck is my most beloved oracle deck!

Be Vigilant

Right now is a time to be watchful and cautious when dealing with others…perhaps even yourself, my loves! Protect all which you hold dear…your plans, your achievements, dreams, desires and wishes. When we’re successful and blissfully happy sometimes others become a bit jealous and envious of this, leading them to covet what we have or have obtained or accomplished. They may want what you have and think to act against you or even, take it from you. Be aware even, that we sometimes can sabotage our own self, never really understanding or knowing why. Stay mindful, then, keep your wits about you! Think clearly, diligently and act accordingly. Now is not the time for rushed actions or decisions. Take steps toward progress with your endeavours with wisdom and slow, calculated, methodical thinking as this is critical at this time and needs to be at play now. This is a call to attention and awareness!

End of the Week Tarot Card Reading-January 6, 2017

Deck Used Today: The beautiful and enchanting ‘Paulina Tarot’ by Paulina Cassidy!

Queen of Pentacles

Today the Queen of Pentacles is here on this blessed, blessed Friday to remind us to enjoy life! This queen is all about prosperity, security, luxury, generosity, and enjoyment of material comforts…what better message to kick off the weekend, eh? 🙂

When this beautiful lady comes to visit, it could mean that we’re feeling a strong, passionate connection with nature and/or with the All, and even with ourselves. It may indeed feel as though all is well with our world at the moment. As we gaze at her, notice that she is at one and at peace with herself and her surroundings. Her heart is full, her environment is nurturing and beautiful…prosperity, abundance, and peace of mind seem to flow in and all about her. She is genuinely joyful, pleased with all she is and all that she has, experiences, and sees. She seems comfortable and stable, like the world is her oyster…she has obviously worked hard to get to this point in her life and she intends to enjoy it!

So, whether we decide to relish a cozy weekend at home perhaps sipping champagne and soaking in a hot bubble bath then slipping into our comfy jammies for a good book or movie night, or we choose to go out and kick up our heels, just remember whatever it is that we do, remember the message from the Queen of Pentacles…ENJOY YOURSELF!